eShareholder Services, LLC

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eShareholder Services, LLC, is a new and innovative company that brings investment products, services and resources to the individual investor that are critical to building wealth.  Understanding the market and having access to the right financial tools and resources is paramount to investing successfully.  Brokers and wealthy investors continue to build wealth even in unstable markets because of their education and access to tools and information. The founders of eShareholder Services want to help to level the playing field for the average shareholder/investor, by making investment education and financial tools readily accessible to the investing public.

eShareholder University brings a dynamic and empowering educational opportunity to a new generation of investors.  With an extensive investment-oriented curriculum utilizing traditional and technologically advanced teaching methods, eShareholder University enables individuals to experience e-learning at its very best.

With text, internet resources, video, teleseminars and webinars, you can gradually progress through the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior levels.  Focusing on translating and demystifying the complexities, the stock market education offered by eShareholder University will prepare you for strategic decision making in the financial arena. Whether it’s today’s stock market fluctuations, portfolio management challenges or wealth building opportunities, becoming an eShareholder University graduate will put you firmly on the road to intelligent investing.