[h3-cufon]About our company[/h3-cufon]

[hl-theme]NetWorth Services[/hl-theme] is a financial information services and financial software-consulting company dedicated to providing easy answers to the most vexing accounting and shareholder services challenges. We specialize in converting time-intensive research tasks into virtually instantaneous calculations. Used by governmental agencies, large corporations, and large commercial brokerages alike, our flagship product-Netbasis-is revolutionizing how financial professionals determine the cost basis of securities.

Cost Basis Calculations – Simplified

Each year, billions of dollars in tax liabilities are misstated because of inaccurate calculations of the cost basis of an investment. Until now, getting to the cost basis of a security has been an intensely manual procedure. NetWorth Services developed patent-pending Netbasis to automate this process. In doing so, we have reduced what sometimes took days to a matter of seconds.

Netbasis takes the headache out of determining historical security changes due to stock splits, mergers, dividend reinvestments and every other possible cost basis adjustment. Enter just a few pieces of data into predefined fields and press ‘calculate’. Using a series of proprietary algorithms and scanning securities data back to 1925, Netbasis delivers an answer in a matter of seconds. It couldn’t be any easier-but don’t let simplicity fool you. Netbasis represents years of development and provides the most advanced cost basis calculation tool available anywhere.