Management Team

[h1-cufon]Management Team[/h1-cufon]

Here is an overview of the NetWorth visionaries who have been key guiding forces behind the creation of its cutting edge products:

[h2-cufon]Nico R. Willis, President & CEO[/h2-cufon]


[hl-theme]Nico Willis[/hl-theme] has a BS in Business from Temple University, and has over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry. Serving in executive positions such as: Associate Portfolio Manager for the University of Arizona, Associate Vice President for Prudential Securities, Account Vice President for UBS Paine Webber and Vice President of Investments for US Bancorp Piper Jaffray, Nico was responsible for managing a successful portfolio of clients and an investment advisory team. As CEO and President, Nico has successfully lead NetWorth Services from a start-up business to a prosperous company by making critical decisions and providing unyielding leadership to his team.

Mr. Willis has also served as an Advisory Board Member with the Scottsdale Cultural Council, is an active Advisory Board Member of ARTi Incorporated, an active Board Member with Global Business Partners, Inc., and Managing Director with J. Streicher Advisory LLC.


[h2-cufon]Marisa K. Diaz, CCO & Vice President Sales and Marketing[/h2-cufon]


[hl-theme]Marisa Diaz[/hl-theme] attended Villanova University and has over 16 years experience in Public Relations and Communications. Her professional experience includes serving as a Public Relations Executive for Dorland, Sweeney & Jones and The Sage Group in the position of PR/Communications Executive, where she was responsible for Fortune 500 accounts in addition to coordinating vendors and contractors on specific PR events and projects. Additional business experiences include serving as President and CEO of Pro-Sports and Entertainment Management, a management consulting company, where she managed the company staff and retained a clientele of professional athletes and people in the entertainment industry. As CCO and Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Marisa effectively articulates the vision and position of NetWorth Services to the media, investors and clients. Her design to implement the CRM initiative within the company has allowed these two departments, in conjunction with the others, to form comprehensive relationships at all points of contact. Marisa’s efforts are the driving force behind NetWorth Services’ outstanding reputation for its customer service.[/white_box]