Investment Portfolio Management

Investment Portfolio Management

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Product Overview

Available through the eShareholder website, ePortfolio Manager is a powerful web application delivered through a user-friendly format that allows investors to easily manage their entire financial portfolio online. ePortfolio allows investors to download multiple accounts from various online brokerage firms or other types of investment accounts, manage a digital overview of their assets, assess trends, as well as run alternative investing scenarios based on risk tolerance and investing attitudes. Holdings can be arranged in an asset-class arrangement, such as fixed-income instruments, real estate, commodities and cash income.

What ePortfolio Offers

An investment profile is created as the investor’s statement is uploaded from their brokerage account and a short risk assessment questionnaire is completed. ePortfolio then identifies if the investor’s asset allocations represent a conservative, moderate or aggressive position. Investors can “test run” different investing scenarios, track their individual stocks and review the performance of various funds.

A Tax Optimization feature, accessible through the ePortfolio Manager, provides a “what if” scenario that lets investors enter their objectives – gain or loss amount, short term or long term gains, and proceeds – for their entire portfolio. Based on these parameters, Tax Optimization will suggest to the investor which tax lots could be sold to meet their objectives. The results are provided on a detailed report that is simple to interpret and analyze. You can then change your objectives, enter new parameters and view the outcome, trying out different scenarios as many times as needed to get the results you want.

The new cost basis legislation requires shareholders to choose their sales method and then report it to their issuing company or transfer agency. ePortfolio can upload the sales method chosen and automatically populate a Letter of Instruction which can be printed or emailed directly to the issuing company or transfer agency.

The Benefits to Shareholders

Individuals can concentrate their investing information in one place with powerful tools to analyze and manipulate their holdings. The eShareholder website offers a plethora of resources which empower the investor to maximize their various holdings within the ePortfolio application.

ePortfolio Manager (ESP and ESOP Version)

A customized version of the ePortfolio Manager is available to issuing companies, which will allow their shareholders to effectively manage their Employee Stock Plans (ESP) and Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOP).  This simplified version of the ePortfolio Manager can display investment positions; determine market value for shares; retrieve and track cost basis and calculate gains & losses.  There are also features that allow the user to execute” what if” probabilities and identify the most effective after-tax sales method.  ePortfolio can also directly transfer you to the transfer agent’s trade website to execute a sale using the selected sales method.  You can also file the appropriate tax forms.

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