Shareholder Services

[h1-cufon]Shareholder Services[/h1-cufon] is a new all-encompassing interactive website for individual investors that offers relevant and up-to-date financial news and information, online investing tools, portfolio management, cost basis center, financial blogs and articles, educational content, an active user community and invaluable resources and hot links which are all delivered in an easy-to-use format.  eShareholder features a vast array of investment tools, resources and information that empowers individual shareholders to manage their investments. No matter if their investment consists of a few shares of one company or a complex portfolio, eShareholder will allow them to view, manage and change their investment portfolio allocations; learn about investing from general terms to more complex concepts and strategies; see up-to-the-minute market news, graphs, stock trades and currencies; view informative and innovative video content; access interactive networking and social media connections; interact with other investors in a chat-room environment; and view timely updates on laws, regulations and policies affecting investors.

Leveraging its strong relationships with many of the Fortune 1000, NetWorth Services and its corporate clients have collaborated to create a robust site that offers financial news, correspondence and corporate information directly from the companies. These Spotlighted Companies work with NetWorth Services to create a dedicated company page that houses information for its shareholders and potential shareholders. What sets this new site apart from other financial websites is the information provided comes directly from the issuing company. The other popular financial sites all use third-party information to create profiles of the corporations they feature.

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